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Fri, 06/08/2018 - 15:27
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Russia, China to jointly support reasonable UN reforms - statement

BEIJING, June 8. /TASS/. Moscow and Beijing will jointly support the necessary and reasonable reforms of the United Nations, including its Security Council, according to the two countries’ statement signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping following Russian-Chinese talks. According to the statement, the parties will uphold the UN’s pivotal role in global governance and jointly support the necessary and reasonable reforms of the organization and its Security Council "in order to better comply with the UN Charter." Moscow and Beijing believe it is necessary to discuss these reforms "solely through broad and democratic consultations, without imposing artificial time limits and immature projects." Russia and China believe it is necessary to look for a "package" solution taking into account the interests and concerns of all parties; proceed from the premise that the reform of the UN Security Council, should, first of all, expand the representation of the developing countries and their right to vote to make sure that a wide range of small and medium-sized states have more opportunities to take part in the Security Council’s work and the decision-making process on the basis of the principle of rotation." In their joint statement, Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping highlighted their intention "to counteract attempts by any countries to unilaterally conduct military operations without the authorization of the UN Security Council or without the consent of the legitimate government of a country on whose territory such actions are carried out." Russia and China will also take part in shaping the equal and indivisible security architecture "based on the refusal to use force or the threat of the use of force, non-interference in the internal and external affairs of other countries, the resolution of international disputes by purely political and diplomatic means." Read more