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Tue, 05/02/2023 - 12:10

REC and Rospatent to Jointly Promote 'Made in Russia' Program

The Russian Export Center (REC) and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) have signed a cooperation agreement, the main task of which is to outline measures to promote innovative companies that have received a patent on foreign markets, including through the Made in Russia certification program, the REC reports.
The program was re-launched last year and its trademark - a bird in the colors of the Russian tricolor - has been registered with Rospatent, in the EU, and also in some countries in Asia.
An agreement on information cooperation was signed by Veronika Nikishina, director general of the Russian Export Center, and Yuri Zubov, head of Rospatent.
"The Made in Russia umbrella brand is designed to help companies, including small brands, to become recognizable in export markets, to carry the idea and images that 'Made in Russia' equals quality. And in this matter, we see strategic importance in combining our efforts with the events and projects of Rospatent, which are aimed at identifying and registering confident regional brands. This is also one of the vectors of cooperation envisaged by the agreement," explained Nikishina.
For instance, within the framework of the agreement, the parties will provide each other with consultations, information, and expert support in the promotion of the Made in Russia program as well as the Successful Patent competition that is aimed at identification of the breakthrough patented developments that have had the highest economic effect. The winners will be recommended to participate in the Made in Russia program.
In addition, the document provides for the search and development of new long-term relationships between business, the REC, and Rospatent, including cooperation in the investment-financial sphere as well as export-import activities.
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