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Fri, 04/15/2022 - 10:40

Moscow: US, European Hackers Carry Out 'Hundreds of Thousands' Attacks Against Russia Weekly

The majority of hacker attacks against Russia, according to the nation's Foreign Ministry, comes from North America, the European Union, and Ukraine. Hackers have intensified their attacks targeting Russia, carrying out "hundreds of thousands of diversions" against the country every week, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. "Miscellaneous cybergroups use the information and communication devices of citizens of Western countries for attacks, often without their knowledge", said Russia's Special Representative for International Cooperation in the Field of Information Security Andrey Krutskikh. According to him, the hackers target government agencies, vital enterprises, financial institutions, as well as Russians and foreigners living in the country. One of the agencies that has most recently weathered a cyberattack was Russia's space agency, Roscosmos. The attack was "shamelessly committed on the eve of Cosmonautics Day", Krutskikh said. He underlined that "Western internet giants" are responsible for the majority of the attacks. The cyber-diversions, Krutskikh continued, are largely carried out from countries in North America and the European Union, as well as Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry official warned the Western countries against "flirting with the hacker community". "Whoever sows the cyberwind will reap the cyberstorm", he concluded. In late March, Moscow had already denounced what it called an "army of cyber mercenaries" targeting Russia in massive hacker attacks. Russia vowed to detect the source of the attacks and make sure those responsible face "grave consequences". Read more: