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Fri, 07/07/2023 - 10:50
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Thai Ambassador Visits “Phlai Pratu Pha” Gifted to Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA, July 7 (TNA) – The Thai ambassador in Sri Lanka confirmed that “Phlai Pratu Pha,” the Thai elephant gifted to Sri Lanka, is in a normal condition. At the same time, discussions were held regarding Thai-Sri Lankan collaboration in elephant care practices. Thai ambassador to Sri Lanka Mr. Poj Harnpol on Thursday visited the Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple, also known as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, in Kandy at the invitation from of Mr. Pradeep Nilanga Dela Nilame, the chief custodian of temple. Phlai Pratu Pha or Thai Raja is under the care of the temple and is currently in musth. The ambassador informed Mr. Pradeep that Thailand intends to strengthen cooperation with Sri Lanka in terms of knowledge exchange related to elephant care, as well as personnel development, veterinary care, and experts. Mr. Pradeep and Dr. Ashoka Dangolla, the head of the Veterinary Clinical Science department, invited the Thai ambassador to observe “Phlai Pratu Pha” at the Suduham Pola Temple, located approximately 3 kilometers away from the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It was found that “Phlai Pratu Pha” was in an open area. There were chains on the front legs tied to two large trees and a chain on the back leg, which was not tightly secured and had some slack. “Phlai Pratu Pha” was able to move to some extent and could stand in a natural posture without being excessively restrained. Following the visit, the Thai ambassador emphasized the importance of improving the landscape and other components, such as water sources and water tanks, with the hope that when it recovers from musth, the chains will be loosened, allowing the elephant to have a natural daily routine while considering safety. Thai ambassador later gave an interview to the Sri Lankan media, saying that Thailand has no intention of bringing “Phlai Pratu Pha” back to Thailand. It is known that the mission to send “Phlai Sak Surin” or Muthu Raja to receive medical treatment in Thailand has created an awareness of rights, care, and better treatment of elephants and other animals in both countries. From now on, the focus will be on enhancing cooperation for future collaborations between the two countries. (TNA)