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Thu, 03/16/2023 - 09:50
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Three teams of volunteers to participate in upcoming Arctic cleanup

TASS, March 15. In the coming summer season, ecology expeditions will be organized to the Marre-Sale polar station, to the former Polyarnyi settlement and to the Mys Kamennyi village in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. The Green Arctic inter-regional organization, initiating the missions, is receiving applications from volunteers.

"Following the application campaign, we will put together three teams of volunteers that in summer will go to the Marre-Sale polar station on the Kara Sea shore, to the former Polyarnyi settlement in the Polar Urals, as well as to the Mys Kamennyi village on the Ob Bay coast," the organization's press service said. "Every expedition will continue for about two weeks, and the main task would be to clean up those territories."

The expeditions' participants may be men and women aged between 20 and 45, who are prepared for physical labor. Applicants may come both from Russia and from abroad, the press service said. "All applicants need to pass psychology tests and to take a special training course in working in the Far North conditions - those would be tests, interviews and seminars," the press service quoted Green Arctic's specialist in volunteers' training Georgy Andreyev as saying. The organizers will choose volunteers from the applicants online, and results will be announced in early April.

Clean up missions have been organized earlier at the planned locations. In August, 2022, volunteers collected and prepared for further transportation more than 1,500 barrels weighting about 40 tons around Marre-Sale. In the Polyarnyi settlement, which was closed down in 2021, during the first expedition volunteers cleaned an area of more than three hectares. A cleanup mission in Mys Kamennyi continues for several years, the collected waste has been prepared for transportation.

The Green Arctic inter-regional non-governmental ecology and sociology organization was established in 2014 to attract volunteers to cleanup missions in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region's Arctic districts. Over nine years, volunteers from more than ten countries have participated in 17 ecology expeditions, cleaned two islands in the Kara Sea, and rescued one polar bear.


Photo by Denis Kozhevnikov/TASS



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