The US Senate officially votes to cancel the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act in Iraq

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Baghdad / NINA / - The US Senate voted, in its session officially convened today, Wednesday, by 66 votes to 30 to cancel the authorization for the use of armed forces in Iraq for the years 1991 and 2002, which was previously issued by the US Congress to authorize the US president to use armed force in Iraq without going back to Congress.

This vote came after many attempts by a large number of members of Congress in previous years, especially from the Democratic Party, on the grounds that the status of the friendship between the two countries and the existence of a strategic cooperation agreement do not agree with the existence of such laws, and the absence of any threat to the United States from the Iraqi government and the lack of a state of war in Iraq.

Today's voting session was attended by Chargé d'Affairs of the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, Ambassador Silwan Sinjari, who documented this important event
, in a tweet through his personal account on the Twitter social networking platform.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi government has already made great efforts to clarify the necessity of canceling these laws, and that they are not appropriate for the distinguished relations between the two countries.

The law is expected to be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote on, and it will begin to work officially after the signature of the US President./ End