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Sat, 03/18/2023 - 11:16
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Women's Union Members Support Agricultural Sector in DPRK


Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- Women's union officials and members in the DPRK are striving to lend a hand to the agricultural field.

Ensuring that all members made redoubled efforts, regarding the agricultural production and development as their own work, the Central Committee of the women's union launched the organizational and political work to boost the enthusiasm of the whole union for supporting the rural areas.

Women's union officials across the country have provided farming materials to the countryside, out of the single mind to put the country's agriculture on a sustained development track and contribute to implementing the programme for the rural revolution in the new era.

While making sure that its members contribute to farming through information and publicity work, the Pyongyang City Committee of the women's union held an exhibition of small farm implements and other events to raise the enthusiasm of emulation among units and exchange good experience with each other.

Women's union members in South Hwanghae Province secured large amounts of organic fertilizer and those in South Phyongan Province took charge of farming such as creating seedbeds and repairing dikes of rice fields.

Such patriotic deeds have been made by women's union committees in Nampho and Rason cities and union members in Ryanggang and North Phyongan provinces. -0-