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Mon, 10/24/2022 - 19:05
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Iran demands are legal, reasonable: FM spox

Tehran, IRNA – The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said here on Monday that Tehran’s demands in the talks on the removal of the sanctions are reasonable, clear, and legal. The US behavior is hypocritical, Nasser Kanaani told reporters at his weekly press briefing in Tehran. On the US support for the rioters in Iran and the claim about putting the talks aside, the spokesman said the American officials’ behavior is hypocritical; they are also lying officially. Through different channels, they have sent messages over and over and expressed readiness for returning to the agreement, he underlined. It is clear that the Americans want to return to the agreement but do not intend to pay the costs of it, Kanaani said. Iran is a powerful country that cannot be intimidated to give unilateral concessions, the spokesman said, adding that the path to the agreement is a two-way path and commitment for commitment. Iran is committed to JCPOA on the condition that the American side also remains committed to the provisions of the deal, he noted. Kanaani also said that if they are betting on the domestic developments in Iran, they are wrong. He advised the US government to act wisely and adhere to promises they made via the mediators in the course of talks and return to the deal. Kanaani said that this is Iran’s clear and strong response to the US side. The spokesman said that if the other side is politically resolved, the ground is prepared for the implementation of the deal. He however expressed doubt about the resolve of the American side. Iran has proved that if it agrees on a deal, it will remain committed to its implementation, but it is facing a party that agreed once but did not uphold its promises and withdrew from the agreement, he sad. He rejected Western media hype about Iran’s relations with the Russian Federation and said that these relations benefit the interests of both countries and do not run contrary to international regulations. The spokesman said that such claims by certain Western countries and other claims about the presence of Iranian forces in Crimea are aimed at diverting public attention from their unconstructive and destructive role in the Ukraine war. Unfortunately, the US and Europe, particularly the US government, created the conditions with their provocative acts which led to the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Kanaani said. “We are ready to help end the war, which in our opinion is an unnecessary war,” he said, adding that those who accuse the Islamic Republic of favoring one side of the war are themselves standing on one side of the war. Referring to the importance of relations with China, Kanaani said that China is one of Iran's significant partners in the region and Asia. Iran-China relations are expanding and developing, he said, adding that the two sides call for enhancing ties on the mutual issues of interests. Considering the positive nature of the negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is possible for both sides to enter the next round of negotiations, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman highlighted. Kanaani added that the previous rounds of negotiations took place in a positive atmosphere between the two countries, and fortunately, the ground is ready for the next round of political talks between the officials of the two states. With the implementation of the agreements as a result of the last five rounds of negotiations, it is possible for the two states to enter a better and more constructive stage, he underlined. Regarding Iran-Iraq relations, Kanaani stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the positive political developments in Iraq which provide interests of Iraqi nations and the region. Follow us on Twitter @IrnaEnglish