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Sat, 05/25/2013 - 11:28
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US Scholar: Israeli Lobby In America Seeking Military Aid To Syrian Terrorists

New York, May 25, IRNA – Member of History Department in the University of Houston Jerald Horne said the Zionist lobby in Washington is vehemently seeking to encourage the White House and the Congress to provide more military aids to terrorists in Syria. Talking to IRNA, he said the Zionist regime is following a policy of continuing war in Syria and undermining the regional role of Damascus. He reiterated that various lobbies in Washington are pressing the Congress and the US President Barack Obama to fully arm the Syrian opposition groups. Commenting on ratification of a plan in the US to provide military aids to the Syrian terrorists, he said the US administration is strongly pressed by both internal Zionist lobbies and governments like Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to render military support to armed rebels in Syria. However, he added, President Obama is yet dubious and cautious as to the way to react to the Syrian crisis because he is thinking of improving ties with Russia./end