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Thu, 09/07/2023 - 17:55

Russia Rolls Out Cheeses, Herbs & Caviar for Cosmonauts at World Food Istanbul 2023

Turkiye is hosting World Food Istanbul 2023, an international exhibition of edibles and beverages which kicked off on September 6 and is running until September 9. The event features a Russian national exposition under the 'Made in Russia' brand, organized by the Russian Export Center (REC) (part of VEB.RF).
"In total, 30 Russian producers of meat, dairy, oil and fat, caviar and ready-to-eat products, as well as beverages, confectionery, food ingredients, detergents and cleaning agents are presenting their products under the Made in Russia brand," REC reported.
The Made in Russia showroom has become one of the largest national exhibition stands at this year's exhibition. Occupying the 1A, 1, 7 pavilions at the Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, it covers more than 600 square meters.
The Made in Russia stand presents natural cheeses made of high quality milk supplemented only with natural ingredients. The stand also shows various food ingredients, including Adygean salt, the technology of production of which is based on the absorption of useful properties of garlic, seasonings and spices into salt crystals.
In addition, manufacturers of potato flakes, which are produced from high-quality peeled potatoes through drying, heat treatment, and compounded with various additives, will demonstrate their products.
Moreover, visitors will be able to enjoy natural health products made from organic ingredients grown in the unique climate conditions of Russia's Altai and Eastern Siberia: herbal collections, flavored teas, dry drink concentrates, and a lot more.
Russian producers of vegetable proteins (pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, cedar, and others), which are manufactured using a unique patented technology, will also present their products at the exhibition.
A special focus within the Russian national exposition is given to the hallmark of Russian cuisine, the "black gold" of Russia - caviar products. One of Russia's oldest fish farms will have caviar on display at the Made in Russia stand. The company produces caviar in an ecologically safe region, meaning that fish grow and spawn in ideal conditions, which directly enhances the quality of the final product. The Russian producer's delicacy is even included in the diet of cosmonauts working at the International Space Station (ISS).
The Russian Export Center is arranging more than 100 B2B meetingswith Turkish partners for the national exposition's participants.
In order to participate in business negotiations with Russian companies, one needs to fill in the feedback form on the exhibition website, having previously checked the information in the electronic product catalog out, and schedule a meeting.
One of the key events of the World Food Istanbul 2023 business program will be the New Markets and Growth Strategies in Food Exports panel discussion, addressed by Head of International Projects Development at REC Najibullo Jabbori, delivering a speech on the prospects of trade cooperation between Russia and Turkiye, as well as enhancing agro-industrial exports under the brand "Made in Russia" to Turkiye

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