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Sat, 06/21/2008 - 09:30
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Pakistan denies any foreign access to its nuclear designs

Islamabad, June 21 PPI: Pakistan on Friday denied any foreign access to its nuclear design, saying related reports are "surprising" conjecture.

"This conjecture is surprising as no foreigner has any access to Pakistan's nuclear
designs. It is not understood how anyone could reach such a conclusion," a press
release of the Foreign Office said.

Some media earlier reported that a digital bomb design turned up on computer of the
Tinners of Switzerland, who are believed to be involved with Pakistan nuclear
scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Dr. Khan, was put under house arrest in 2004 after he confessed on state-run
television to illegally selling nuclear technology outside Pakistan.

Reports claimed Swiss government secretly destroyed 30,000 files and documents from
computers of the Tinners. But fears still arose about possible proliferation of
digital copies to black nuclear market.

"Some sections of media have carried a news item that the nuclear bomb design in
digital format, which was in possession of the Tinners of Switzerland, was similar
to Pakistani design provided by Dr. A.Q. Khan. The entire story raised a number of
questions," said press release.

"If Tinners files have relevance to Dr. A.Q. Khan, then why were they destroyed? The
files should have been shared with Pakistan, if they were genuine and relevant to
Dr. A.Q. Khan," it said.

"Dr. A Q Khan's case is closed as he does not have any official status and in no
manner whatsoever he can indulge in nuclear proliferation. All relevant information
of the case has already been shared with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy
Agency) and there is no new development in this context," it said.