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Thu, 08/14/2008 - 20:23
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NEW YORK, Aug 14 (Bernama) -- New York's famous landmark, the Empire State Building (ESB), where one can see thousands of tourists from around the world lining up to get a glimpse of the Big Apple from what is euphemised as the "top of the world", will be lit with colours of the Malaysian flag on Aug 21.

The lights resembling the colours of the Malaysian flag will be on display on the eastern side of the building while the other three sides will have the colours of the flags of Morocco (north side), Finland (west side) and Kenya(south side).

The ESB office is lighting the building according to the colours of different flags of the countries participating in the Olympics as a way of honouring individual nations taking part in the ongoing Olympic Games inBeijing.

"This marks the first time the ESB has split the tower's sides with fourcountries' lights in its history," a statement released by the ESB said.

By extending the lighting to 17 nights, the duration of the Olympic Games, the ESB said it would be honouring the top 66 countries participating in theOlympics, based on the number of athletes attending from each country.

James Connors, ESB's general manager, said in the statement that the ESB was honouring the athletes who had "trained and worked their entire lives to make it to this international stage of competition where unity, athleticism andsportsmanship are revered".

The ESB has, however, used only three instead of four colours which are featured in the Malaysian flag; the building will feature red, white and blue while the yellow will be missing, as Malaysian consul general in New York,Zamruni Khalid, rightly pointed out.

Zamruni told Bernama that he tried to get the yellow colour into thelighting scheme but to no avail.

A ESB spokesperson, on being contacted, regretted that the ESB would not be able to provide the yellow colour because it was "technically notpossible".

The ESB's tower is illuminated to commemorate holidays, events and causes considered important by New Yorkers, Americans and citizens of theworld.

Some of the occasions on which the ESB lights the tower include EU Day,Lunar New Year, Earth Day, Veterans' Day, etc.

The ESB, which is approximately 1,454 feet above midtown Manhattan, isoften touted as the "World's Most Famous Office Building".

Indeed, it was recently named America's favourite building in a poll conducted by the American Institute of Architects