Navy to Continue Deployment of Warships in Mediterranean Sea

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Sun, 05/01/2011 - 08:21

Navy to Continue Deployment of Warships in Mediterranean Sea

TEHRAN, May 1 (FNA)- The Iranian Navy will continue extraterritorial missions, including dispatch of warships to the Mediterranean Sea, in future, a senior Iranian Navy commander announced on Saturday.
Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy for Coordination General Kamran Farhang-Javid told FNA that the Navy would continue its "presence in the Mediterranean Sea", and explained that this presence is part of the Iranian Navy's missions and is aimed at "peace and security and exchange of visits with such friendly countries as Syria".

"Such ties exist in Navy and will continue," he added.

"Dispatching warships to the Mediterranean Sea will continue this year in a move to promote the level of our training and combat capabilities and to enhance the personnel's skills," he stated.

In February, two Iranian military vessels, Khark and Alvand, docked in Syria for training amid attempts by the United States and Israel to brand the mission as a cause for concern.

The 1,500-ton patrol frigate Alvand is armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles, while the larger 33,000-ton supply vessel Khark has 250 crewmembers and can carry three helicopters.

In March 2011, Commander of Iran's Navy Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari praised an Iranian flotilla of warships dispatched to the Mediterranean Sea and the Syrian coasts for their success in accomplishing their long-term mission, and announced that the Navy will continue similar missions in future.

Speaking to reporters about the achievements gained by the flotilla during its recent mission, Sayyari told reporters at the time, "Deployment of fleet of warships to other countries will be continued as we are trying to confront and defuse the (West's) Iranophobia" propaganda.

Sayyari once again stressed that the deployment of the warships was aimed at sending Iran's message of peace and friendship to the region and strengthening relations with the other states.

"We could display Iran's role in the region to all sides and prove that we are ready to defend our interests in any place," the Admiral continued.