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Thu, 09/04/2008 - 13:21
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POL: Pakistan strongly condemns ``ISAF two helicopters completely unprovoked act of

Rawalpindi, Sept 3 PPI: Pakistan on Wednesday strongly condemned ``completely unprovoked act of killing seven innocent civilians so far by ISAF troops in two helicopters at a village near Angoor Adda, South Waziristan Agency of the country.''

A Pakistan Army spokesman said ``in the wee hours of the morning on 3 September,
ISAF troops in two helicopters landed at a village near Angoor Adda, South
Waziristan Agency and as per reports received so far, killed seven innocent

The spokesman strongly condemned ``this completely unprovoked act of killing and
regretted the loss of precious lives.'' He blamed
Coalition Forces for this violent act and said that such acts of aggression do not
serve the common cause of fighting terrorism and
militancy in the area.

He said a strong protest by Foreign Office has been lodged with Government of United
States. Pakistan Army has also lodged a strong protest with Office of the Defence
Representative in Pakistan (ODRP) and said ``we reserve the right of self defence
and retaliation to protect our citizens and soldiers against aggression.''