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Sat, 05/07/2011 - 10:22
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Senior Legislator Welcomes Proposal for Regional Security Organization

TEHRAN, May 7 (FNA)- Member of the Iranian parliament's Presiding Board Hossein Sobhaninia hailed Iraq's proposal for the establishment of a regional security organization as a move which would consolidate peace and security in the region.
"The establishment of such an organization will definitely serve the interests of regional countries, including Iran, Iraq and Turkey, and will secure peace and security in the region," Sobhaninia stated on Thursday.

He added that Iran has always supported proposals for mutual and multilateral cooperation aimed at restoring security in the region, and emphasized that Tehran welcomes Baghdad's offer in this regard.

The Iranian lawmaker underscored the significance of regional interactions in the establishment of peace and security.

Sobhaninia said a regional security group would develop independence and cooperation among regional countries.

The remarks by the Iranian lawmaker came two days after chief of staff of the Iraqi armed forces Lieutenant General Babaker Zebari proposed a regional security organization that would include Iran to maintain stability in the region.

"We have an ambition to create a regional security organization to preserve the security of all states and ensure stability for its peoples," the Iraqi defense ministry quoted Zebari as saying in a statement.

"Our region is important and vital that needs to consolidate efforts in order to achieve stability for the countries," he added.