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Wed, 08/10/2011 - 10:32
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Kuwait''s Commerce Min.: GCC standardization to bolster economic integration

By Yousif Al-Saidi JEDDAH, Aug 9 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Amani Buresli expressed her joy Tuesday regarding the positive outcome of the meeting held by the GCC Standardization Organization board, namely on the issue of GCC standardization to products which she said would bolster economic integration.
The minister made her remarks to KUNA prior to her departure and after concluding the 14th meeting for the GCC Standardization Organization, which concluded its meeting earlier today after addressing requirements of GCC joint market and Custom Union, in addition to positively responding to the set of requirements by international organizations like the World Trade Organization.
Buresli added that a huge number of agreements and legislations were approved by the board, which will actively contribute to increasing the standards of quality to products in the GCC, including the approval on technical standards to services and commodities in compliance with international standards.
As to discussions during the meeting, the minister noted that the technical council approved also a number of technical projects on the agenda in response to proposals by the 24th GCC technical meeting, which called for the formation of a higher committee on GCC construction standards, the endorsement on the agreement of GCC Approval Center and agreement on its location.
The meeting also delved into a number of issues on GCC Standardization domain and related matters regarding the outcome of the technical council meetings which included heads of the Standardization of all GCC members.
Among the vital goals of standardization was to eliminate all technical obstacles, protect GCC market from fraudulent commodities, and improve commercial exchange among GCC members, the minister added.
T he Kuwaiti delegation included, Head of the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) Ali Al-Mudhaf and Deputy Director of the Industry and Services Department at the (PAI) and several senior figures from the industrial and commercial sectors. (pickup previous) yms.mb KUNA 092356 Aug 11NNNN