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Wed, 04/03/2024 - 11:01
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Fasting During Times of Conflict Presents Substantial Hurdles For Palestinians

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 (Bernama) -- Dr Tareq M. Altalmas, a humanitarian volunteer, serves as a liaison to deliver aid to the Palestinian people using donations received from Malaysia.

However, he currently finds himself displaced, residing in makeshift shelters in Rafah after Israel launched a deadly military offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Tareq, who also serves as the coordinator for Global Peace Mission Malaysia (GPM), emphasised the profound challenges faced by Palestinians during fasting amidst the ongoing Israeli occupation and aggression.

"The common culture in Gaza is to cook our main dishes in the house. We do go to the bazar to buy the juice and side dishes but now most of these sides are dished and the juice is not available.

"But still, we have some risk as airstrikes can happen anytime and we may be a victim of such attacks," he told Bernama when contacted via WhatsApp.

During times of conflict, Tareq said access to food and water becomes severely restricted, exacerbating the already difficult circumstances for Palestinians.

"Essential items become scarce and expensive due to disrupted supply chains.

"In Gaza, it's customary to prepare main dishes at home. However, due to the current situation, many side dishes and beverages are no longer available at the markets," he explained, highlighting the constant threat of airstrikes.

"This Ramadan, traditional foods associated with the holy month are missing from the markets due to a lack of raw materials. Staples like chicken and meat, crucial for protein, are entirely unavailable," Tareq lamented.

He emphasised that Palestinians endure immense challenges during Ramadan, with Israeli occupation persisting in disrupting daily life and exacerbating dire circumstances within communities.

"Despite the destruction caused by Israeli attacks, Palestinians remain steadfast in upholding their religious practices," Tareq noted, highlighting their resilience amidst adversity.

He stressed the importance of recognising the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a stark manifestation of occupation and oppression, with Palestinians bearing the brunt of asymmetrical warfare.

"Despite these challenges, international organisations and humanitarian groups play a crucial role in providing aid and support to Palestinians, ensuring access to iftar and sahur meals, and essential supplies amidst ongoing atrocities," he concluded.