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Fri, 06/21/2024 - 16:46
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Muslim Care Malaysia Provides Shelter And Support For Palestinians Amid Ongoing Conflict

By Noor Bakhtiar Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 (Bernama) -- Approximately 1,000 Palestinian citizens are currently sheltering in 100 tents at the Sumoud Camp near Khan Younis, Gaza, managed by the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Muslim Care Malaysia (MCM).


President of MCM, Zulkifli Wahijan, said the camp was opened over a month ago – immediately after the Rafah region in southern Gaza was invaded and occupied by the Zionist military of Israel.


He stated that there are 300 tents at the Sumoud Camp, with 100 under the management of MCM and the remainder under the supervision of an international NGO, Emaar Foundation.


"A total of RM350,000 from Malaysian donations has been spent by MCM for various needs of nearly 1,000 residents at the Sumoud Camp.


"Among MCM's contributions at the camp include installing solar power systems and providing daily meals to the camp’s residents," he told Bernama Friday. 


According to Zulkifli, since the war began on October 7 last year, MCM has distributed approximately RM5 million (US$1.06 million) to Gaza residents through their representative there, Ahmad Abu Ayesh, who is also the Chairman of MCM Palestine.


"The Sumoud Camp is one of three major camps housing thousands of Gaza residents who are now displaced within their own country.


"Ahmad Abu Ayesh and his team have installed eight solar power panels to provide electricity to the residents of the Sumoud Camp.


"In addition, they also cook and distribute food, drinking water, and clean water to the residents in the 100 tents there every day," said Zulkifli.


Zulkifli mentioned that they are planning to increase the number of tents in the future.


"These 100 tents are the first phase; God willing, we will install and manage another 100 to 200 tents in the near future," he said.


He noted that despite many NGOs from around the world providing various types of assistance to Gaza residents, it is still insufficient and unable to fulfill their basic needs.


"Therefore, MCM appeals to all Malaysians to continue donating, and God willing, we will be able to distribute all these contributions to Gaza residents because we have Abu Ayesh there," he said.